Seven 01:18:59


Our seventh album of deep and mysterious longform ambient music.

One continuous 80 minute ambient drone

The music evolves very slowly and is very spacious.

The music is generative:
each note is played in a long loop, the length of each loop if different for each note, so although the music may seem to vary only slightly, it never quite repeats itself.

The original version of this album was spilt into 8 parts entitled Dioretsa, Rhadamanthus, Cyllarus, Deucalion, Ceto, Phorcys, Bienor and Altjira.
This version has been extended and remastered.


released February 16, 2012

Written and produced by The Ambient Visitor
at MCos, Manchester.

Original version produced November 2011.
Remastered version produced March 2016.




The Ambient Visitor Manchester, UK

Blissful and mysterious longform ambient music.

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